Gen 10.2 triple cell system hydrogen generators

Setup of triple in VZ Holden commodore 4.2 Liter V6. Latest system is fully mounted in a large Marine battery box with all electrical fittings , electrolysis cells, storage container, piping, power supplies etc… easily transported from one vehicle to the next. Compact and fully enclosed plastic enclosure call 0403177183 or Doubled/ Increased gas Continue reading →

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SmartPower WildCat Hydrogen Fuel Boosters Save Fuel in Cars has the latest technology in Wild Cat Hydrogen Boosters from SmartPower Technologies. Hydrogen supplemented vehicles that increase power and conserve fuel. Learn more at http Technorati Tags: 3000 series, 5000 series, 7000 series, commentary, economic, economy, educational, Electric Car, energy, episode, Finance, fuel booster, global, green transportation, health, howto, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, installation, smartpower Continue reading →

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Homemade Hydrogen Boosters vs Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Booster Principle 1. The terms "hydrogen fuel cell" and "hydrogen booster" are two often confused sides of the same. A hydrogen "booster" uses electricity to separate water into its components atoms, oxygen and hydrogen, which are burned in the engine as a supplement to gasoline. "Fuel cells" are the opposite; a fuel cell combines Continue reading →

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