Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion

The purpose of our electronic control circuit is to lean out the air/fuel mixture from 14.7:1 to a mixture that is lean enough to prevent unacceptable amounts of NOx emissions (typically above 18:1) and 20:1 in some conditions. For our homemade hydrogen boosters or hydrogen generator cells to accomplish this we have to install electronic fuel injection enhancers along with our hydrogen generator cells. We also need to manipulate the maf or map sensors to control the amount of fuel injected.

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This post was written by Michael on December 13, 2008

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Efie schematic for 2 Oxygen Sensors

This pdf has a schematic by ZFF and is for dual oxygen sensors. There is a layout picture and connection drawing. There is a parts list with links on where they can be found online from Mouser and Digi-Key.

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Another Efie Variation

The black wire from the EFIE goes to vehicle ground or chassis also called ‘negative’. Ensure that the EFIE is grounded very well. You can connect the black wire anywhere onto the chassis. Just make sure it is negative. To check, put a multimeter in the ‘continuity’ or ‘ohms’ setting and measure between the spot you have selected and the negative at the battery side and make sure it reads about 0-2 ohms or the continuity buzzer is going. If you measure ‘ohms’,

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This post was written by Michael on November 21, 2008

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