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If you need information on EFIE’S, then hopefully these will help you out. These links are to the Fuel-saver site. These are people you can trust. If you are building a homemade booster, the efie is one piece of equipment you will need in order to gain the maximum from your system. I think with Continue reading →


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Homemade Hydrogen Booster Site Navigation

Build Your Own Homemade Hydrogen Booster with our free plans and information below just click on the links. You can also navigate by the sitemap at the top. Need Parts for your EFIE, PWM, Homemade Hydrogen Booster Electronic Parts at JAMECO.com   What Is On This Site? Most everything is free for your own use. Continue reading →


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Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion

The purpose of our electronic control circuit is to lean out the air/fuel mixture from 14.7:1 to a mixture that is lean enough to prevent unacceptable amounts of NOx emissions (typically above 18:1) and 20:1 in some conditions. For our homemade hydrogen boosters or hydrogen generator cells to accomplish this we have to install electronic fuel injection enhancers along with our hydrogen generator cells. We also need to manipulate the maf or map sensors to control the amount of fuel injected.


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