Simple Pulse Width Modulator

Pulse Width Modulator
I found this somewhere on the internet many months ago. I don’t remember where, but I have built some of these with some component changes and it works very well.
This is a very simple pulse width modulator based on the 555 timer chip that almost anyone can build.
Very simple to build and parts are available at any electronics supply. Radio Shack, etc.
The Mosfet I used I ordered from Mouser 512-HUF75344G3
$2.17 ea, $1.73 ea 10+ Specs: MOSFET 75a 55V NCh UltraFET mounted on a small heatsink. Works good and runs cool with plenty of amps to play with.
Just right click on the diagram and select save image as. It will download full size.



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This post was written by Michael on October 22, 2008

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