Spacing of Plates in Homemade HHO Cells

Spacing of plates.
There are many questions of what spacing of plates in Homemade Hydrogen electrolyser cells are best.
I spaced my plates at 3/16th (4.5mm) on the 4 cell and 1/4 (6.0mm) inch on the 5 cell.
I really don’t see any difference in the output from the different spacing.
I made one with 3 inch round plates in a peanut butter jar.
There were 6 plates and they were spaced 1/8 (3.0mm) inch apart with the bottom plate the positive
and the top one negative.
Depending on the electrolyte mix the cell would draw 12 amps to less than 8 amps.
I also made on with wire mesh, and it was a total bust. Don’t use wire mesh!
There is a theory on the square inches of each plate along with the spacing.
Mine are 3×5 and would be 15 square inches per side. This next hydrogen electrolyzer I will build will be checked for the voltage across the plates if possible to see what is going on.
I am currently working on a new type with up to 30 plates and these will be spaced about 1/16th (1.5mm) to 3/32nd
(2.5mm) of an inch apart. I haven’t decided just yet as I am still researching this.
Many say not to go over .040 of an inch and this would be 3/64th (1.0mm) of an inch.
Design and complexity has a lot to do with it.
Watch this video from ZFF on YouTube:
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This post was written by Michael on October 19, 2008

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