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Build Your Own Homemade Hydrogen Booster with our free plans and information below just click on the links. You can also navigate by the sitemap at the top.

Need Parts for your EFIE, PWM, Homemade Hydrogen Booster


What Is On This Site?

Most everything is free for your own use. We have just collected it for you.
We have:

  • 1. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plans, For Homemade Hydrogen Boosters.
  • 2. Efie schematics for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers.
  • 3. PWM Schematics for Pulse Width Modulators For Homemade Hydrogen Boosters.
  • 4. Many different schematics and some videos For Homemade Hydrogen Boosters.
  • 5. Articles on how to make lye, Potassium Hydroxide For Homemade Hydrogen Boosters.
  • 6. Articles on how I made my homemade hydrogen boosters and some videos of them.
  • 7. Some articles on solar and wind power. And some on hydrogen power for cars.
  • 8. Plans and schematics are in the download area For Homemade Hydrogen Boosters.
  • 9. Plans and schematics are in jpg, gif, pdf formats.
  • 10. Articles on how to build a homemade hydrogen booster or generator .
  • 11. Articles on How to build a PWM. These will be in pdf format.
  • 12. Articles on How to build an EFIE, These will be in pdf or just schematics format.
  • 13. Articles on how to test some Ford sensors.

Information on how to build a Smacks Booster and some other info will be on the downloads page.
For those of you wanting to build your own PWM, The cheap 555 timer based PWM I am using is working very good at this time. Schematics are here on this site.
Look at the download link on top For Homemade Hydrogen Boosters.

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