Homemade Booster Cell

After many hours in the heat I have built my hydrogen fuel cell. It is made from 1/4 inch plexi-glass cut on my table saw. I decided to go this way for my project instead of using 4 inch PVC like many are doing. I will most likely mount it in the trunk and run the connections from there.

I am in the testing stage of my Hydrogen fuel cell. I am pretty happy with it right now. It is a five cell separated by Plexiglas dividers and is designed after one I bought plans for. I made some changes to it that I thought would be good and so far it is working like a dream. Doesn’t get hot after running over six hours straight. It is drawing about 8 amps cold and 10 amps after it runs for an hour or so. I conditioned the plates by varying the amps starting at five and increased by five amps every day until I was up to 25 amps. Puts out a very good stream of hydrogen and should help my 3.0 liter very well.

My Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Below is a look at my homemade hydrogen cell running. It is from my cell phone and is a little crappy.
My bubbler is just an empty peanut butter jar. If somehow a backfire or spark sets off the hydrogen the jar lid will pop off and stop further damage. Works well as I tested it by lighting off my hydrogen stream. It went BOOM! Couldn’t hear a darn thing the rest of the day. :mrgreen:







And here are two more videos if you want to look at them.

Homemade 5 Cell

I have built a MAP/MAF sensor enhancer and will install it along with my cell when ready. Right at this time I am building a PWM for driving the cell.
I also have the parts and board to build my Efie (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer). Then comes the install and testing in the vehicle.

Okay now I finally have my PWM (Power Width Modulator) built and I have it running on the cell. So far it has ran for 96 hours and I should be done testing soon. Will update as I test it some more. It is using about 1 quart of water in 24 hours. That is good IMHO.
I figure it like this, if you drive for 24 hours at 65-70 mile per hour then you would have traveled 1560-1680 miles. That is moving on!

Parts are from Here….

Pictures of my cell coming soon.

If you want to email me take the spaces out of my address below.
casida46 @ yahoo.com

Fuel Saver Tuning Documents

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