How Fuel Savers work


First let me say, we are NOT burning water here. We are extracting the hydrogen and oxygen from the water, injecting that into the intake stream on the engine and that is what is burning.
Fuel injected vehicles will need to condition the signal from the oxygen sensors to get the maximum gains from your HHO Electrolyzer. This is where the fuel savers come in. Called Efie for (electronic fuel injection enhancer), these condition the signal from the various engine sensors to keep the computer (ECM) from restoring the original settings. These actually trick the computer (ECM) into thinking what we want it to do is the correct thing. That is leaning out the fuel so our hydrogen can replace it and increase our mile per gallon. We are burning less gas and using the hydrogen to enhance the combustion of the fuel going to the cylinders.
You can get an excellent device for this purpose by Going Here and clicking on the FuelSaver links.
I am working on my own fuel cell and will keep you updated on my progress. Updates will be Posted Here.
There are a lot of how-to’s on the net and many videos on YouTube and some look to be very good.
Please remember there are other things you have to do in order to increase your mileage and if you look on YouTube for hydrogen cell you will get some ideas.
Most home mechanics can build these. Stainless plates can be found at Lowe’s as light switch covers and will work. On the right of the page on this site are document links with some excellent information. One of the most important things is to modify the sensors so the ECM will not see a lean condition from all the extra oxygen and richen the fuel back up. These are? the oxygen sensor, MAP/MAF sensor. Add-ons for these are available, check the Fuel-Saver Links here on the Right of the page. VERY helpful people.

Anyway please do a little research and then decide what you want to accomplish with a cell of your own. Your mileage may vary. You may possibly end up with double the mileage. It would be nice to go from 18 to 36 mpg. Good Luck!! Happy Tuning.
Some people are having amazing results with this type of conversion. There are add-ons to enhance your fuel mileage with or without an HHO generator.
Most are happy with a 10 to 15 miles per gallon gain in mileage. All this for a little time and investment.

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