About Fuel Cells

About a fuel cell?
While I am no expert by a long shot I have built 5 cells in different configurations.
Is it possible to build a hydrogen fuel cell yourself. Most certainly it is, it’s not that difficult to do and for less than $100 you can build a fuel cell that will increase your mileage by as much as 20% or more and that’s not bad. First thing to know is that the device that you build for your car is not going to produce enough hydrogen to run your car only on hydrogen. To run 100% hydrogen means you have to build a device which is much more difficult to put together and probably out of your reach as a backyard builder, (so to speak).

The unit that you’re going to build?will be generating HHO gas from water by using current from your battery into the fuel cell which separates the water in the fuel cell into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. This then generates a gas known as HHO or Browns gas.

HHO is not only safe and clean but when combined with gasoline in the intake manifold will markedly increase your mileage. Of course it depends on how you drive the car and the type of car you own but an increase in fuel mileage is not unheard of. You CAN save money and, according to many people who have used these systems, they work.

All you need is a good guide to build your own DIY hydrogen fuel cell and you will find any number of those online. Watch this YouTube video. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DscdnEx8n_U These different videos can provide you with a step-by-step instructions on how to build a hydrogen cell and install it in your car and, remember we are not talking rocket science here. The method really is very simple and only a very basic knowledge of mechanics is required. Barring that, you could always take it to your friendly neighborhood mechanic.The trick as with anything else is to get the best information that you can and make sure that you can get at least some support. Please feel free to use the information I have collected on this site.

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