DIY Solar Power – Harness the Energy from the Sun to Generate Electricity

Did you know that you can generate free electricity for your home? DIY solar power is available to anyone and is a tremendous way to save money and the environment. It is something everyone should consider as a viable option for powering their home. It is possible, in fact, to use the sun’s energy to create more than enough electricity for everything you need and have some left over to sell back to the power company at a profit.


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Make Homemade Potassium Hydroxide Lye

Making Homemade Lye I have had some questions on this subject so I will give a more detailed instruction. I have used this method for quite a while until I found the lye at Tractor Supply™ as Roebic™ drain cleaner. But I will still use it once in a while just for kicks. It is Continue reading →


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Large Hydrogen Cell!

This is a good video but the sound is a little messed up for me. I will have to say that this Hydrogen Cell and generator is way, way above my head. I would not have the funds to even start something like this. If This hydrogen cell is used for backup power how in Continue reading →


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This post was written by Michael on August 5, 2009

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